Birman Cat for Sale | Cute Blue Eye Kitten 

Birman Cats are blue-eyed foreign breeds, which are expensive than other domestic species. From my personal experience, when I saw a Birman, It hooked me at first sight.

I became a cat lover. Before that, I’ve never liked or met a cat. Birman cats are also known as ” the couch potatoes.” These cats are very affectionate and love cuddling with people. The Birman cats love to have people’s undivided attention; they get upset when you don’t spend time with them.

Birman Cat Breed & Its Availability For Sale 

Birman Cats breed is mainly from a French/Burmese origin; around early 1919, this breed became very popular in the western world. After a few years at the Second World War, the species was wiped out from existence.

The Birman cross bread with Persian long hair breeds and also breed with Siamese lines. After this colossal cross-breeding, the Birman breed was rebuilt and earned its popularity again.

After the war in 1950, the pure Birman breed was created and restored from the assorted species. Birman breed was also recognized in 1965, Britain.

Birman cats are Special for their loving and affectionate nature. These breeds are longtime companion cats for a decade. Birman breeds are smart, friendly, quietly spoken, and people-oriented.

Birman cats have shown evidence of impaired kidney function according to their blood test. The test is not certain, but in some cases, the cats can go into kidney failure.

All cats are unique in their habits, likes, dislikes, and needs regarding food preferences. Though cats like having fish, they also need 41 different nutrients from the daily meal. Birmans don’t like milk; veterinarians don’t recommend milk in Birman’s diet.

The number of nutrients can vary depending on the age of the cat. A young, energetic, and growing cat needs a better food diet than an older cat. Other measures need to be taken, like maintaining the food quality and the cat’s physical condition. The kitten’s food also needs to keep a mix of wet and dry recipes.

The Birman cat has a soft and silky body; it’s similar to the Persian breed. Birman cats need grooming once a week for brushing their body hair. Birman cats require grooming very early after birth.

From a very young age, Birman cats seek human attention more than regular pets. Young cats need regular breed annual health checks, parasite control, vaccinations. The Birman cats are too noisy; they like to create evidence of their existence by making noises.

This French cat breed is excellent with kids; every Birman cat has its different personality. The training will vary according to its life. The Birman breeds are very quiet, lovely, and sound. Before adaptation, this unique breed owner needs consultation about its daily life, food habits, medication, and other essentials.

Birmans are large, medium-haired cats with darker body colouring points. The cat has a thick body and short legs; it has blue eyes and white feet. They have natural gloves and long socks for covering their long feet.

The front side gloves only cover the feet. Besidecover long socks cover its arm. Birman cats have medium round size ears; it has a few different colours. Birman breed has a unique tie with Burma; it’ sits known as the Sacred cat of Burma.

The Birman cats were the companions of the Buddhist monks in their temples. According to Burmese mythology, Birman cats carry the Burmese monks’ souls into the afterlife. There are also exciting myths about this breeds journey to Burma. People say that the famous Vanderbilt family smuggled this breed into Burma.

The Birman breed has these unique specialties

  • Birman is a unique, friendly, and independent cat.
  • They are a pretty curious and playful cat.
  • The cat is okay for its quiet nature.
  • Birmans need daily grooming almost every day at a young age.
  • The Birman breed needs regular out-door activities.
  • The Birman breeds are Fully Hypoallergenic breed, which makes a unique breed.
  • They are a great family cat, with a glorious history.
birman cat for sale
birman cat for sale

Birman Cat Adoption  | Birman cat for sale 

The Birman cat breeds are exceptional and large domestic breeds for adoption. The adoption process is essential. There are some crucial measures needed to fulfil special cats like the Birman breed.

Adopting pets from a shelter is giving them a chance to live a better life. The adopting home will be a loving place for them. Every cat has their own stories just like humans; they do not have any fault of their own. Cats are living beings. You should love them and make them a part of yourselves.

Here are some measures you have to take before getting  a Birman  cat breed for sale:

  • Learn about their habits and daily life
  • Make enough space for them to live
  • Manage out-door activities for them
  • Collect grooming Kits for their daily grooming
  • Learn recipes for making their food
  • Take required consultation for any further knowledge

Birman Kittens for Sale Near Me

Birman kittens for sale near me can be found online; you can get your own Birman cats from Here. 

The Birman breeds came to the West regions from France in the 1900s. The species has a life span of 12-16 years of ageTheir appearance is 8-12 inches, and they weigh 7-12 lbs.

A Birman kitten takes three years to get its maturity. Mature Birmans don’t grow that much. The online site for adopting a Birman Breed cat is available over the  USA (Covering 32 states). The shop’s website also says that the Birman breed is available in four Canadian States.

If you are an animal lover or activist, you can always donate for shelter pets on the Adopt a Pets official website.

For this domestic breed, there is one available pedigree; you can find it in local pet food stores and shops.

Adopting a cat is a big deal for someone interested. It’s just like adopting humans. As kittens are living beings, their health is significant to taken care of. Since they can’t do their medication, you have to make sure of their medication.