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birman cat

Birman Cat

birman cat

Birman cat, also known as “Sacred Cat of Burma”, is a domestic cat breed. The Birman cat breed gets its name from the French word Birmanie which means Burma. The Birman cat is recognised by Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association, and many other associations. Still, the Cat Club de France was the first to recognise it in 1925.

There is no clear record of the Birman cat breed’s origin, but many believe the folklore that the Birman cat breed originated in Burma in ancient temples alongside priests.

Birman cats for sale have a broad face with a distinct Roman nose, a rectangular body and are of medium size. They have round eyes that are deep blue in colour. Birman cats have medium-long fur, which is silky in texture. Birmans do not have an undercoat and are less prone to matting.

The coat colour is always pointed, and the recognised colours are chocolate, red, lilac, seal, cream and blue. The trademark of this breed is pure white, symmetrical “gloves” on each paw.

Birman Cat Kittens

Birman kittens are born white and begin to develop their points after one week if it is a dark colour that is seal point, and it takes 14 days or more if the colour points are light-coloured such as lilac point.

Their coat reaches full development only when a kitten attains two years of age. Birman kittens do not reach full maturity until the age of three years. The intelligent and friendly Birman kittens are curious and people-oriented. With Birman kittens around, you can never be alone at home.

Birman Cat Breed

Lipinski’s 2008 study “the Ascent of Cat Breeds: Genetic Evaluations of Breeds and Worldwide Random-bred Populations” found that the Birman cat has one of the lowest levels of genetic diversity as compared to all the cat breeds studied.

As per Birman Breed standards laid out by The International Cat Association (TICA), Birman cats are semi-long haired pointed cats. They have white feet, are healthy, muscular and have medium to a large stature. The Birman cat’s coat does not tangle much. All pointed colours of a Birman cat’s coat are recognised with distinctive white gloves and laces.

Birman Cat Breeders

A reliable way to find a trusted Birman cat breeder is to look at their breed club. You can also look over the internet to find a high- quality breeder, or you may ask a vet if he knows a trusted Birman Cat breeder. The best way to find a Birman breeder is to look on the Governing Council for cats in your country.

These councils have a breeder scheme that ensures the health and welfare of kittens being bred by breeders registered under their scheme. The high-quality, reliable Birman breeders will follow recommended breeding policies and do all necessary health screenings. The breeder will also provide you with all essential information regarding the kitten’s current diet and care.

A breeder will also give you a lineage and registration certificate and information about their vaccinations.

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