Birman Kittens for Sale ny 2021

birman kittens for sale

Birman Kittens for Sale

Birman kittens for sale are social and friendly family kittens. These cats are fun-loving and affectionate companions that make ideal pets. The Birman cats are intelligent, playful and trainable, making them a better choice as pets.

Where to buy Birman Kittens for Sale

Birman kittens can be bought online or through a reputable pet shop or a breeder.

Birman Cats for Sale

Birman cats have a silky coat, deep blue eyes and long hairs. Birman cats are medium-sized with a rectangular body and a broad face.

Birmans are sweet and gentle in nature and are kids and pet friendly, which makes them an ideal pet. If you are looking for a perfect companion, then buy a Birman cat on sale.

Birman Cat & Kitten for sale Personality

Birman cat is a social, affectionate and loving breed. These make an ideal companion cat because of their sweet and gentle nature.

They are an intelligent, playful and friendly family cat who gets along very well with kids as well as adults. They also mix well with other pets.

Birman cats love to be with people and will affectionately greet their owners when they return home after work. They are desirous of attention and will make their presence felt whenever they want to seek attention.

They are docile and quiet and spend most of the time lazing around in the house. Birman cats are soft-spoken and talk by making soft chirping voices.

Birman cats are very helpful and willingly participate in everything you do. These hearty and healthy cats are easy to handle and make an ideal pet. Birman cats are fun-loving, even-tempered, tolerant, and patient, thus make an excellent choice as a pet.

Ragdoll vs Birman Cat & kittens for sale

Both Birman and Ragdoll cats look alike and have many similarities in appearance and personality. However, there are significant differences between a Birman cat and a Ragdoll cat which are mentioned below:

Birman Cat & kittens for sale  Care

The Birman cat has a single-length coat with no undercoat, which is easy to maintain even for a long-furred cat. Grooming it twice weekly is usually enough to keep its coat mat-free.

On the other hand, a Ragdoll cat has a silky single coat and does not have an under a layer of fur, and it requires brushing twice a week to avoid matting. There is a need to clean a Ragdoll cats ear regularly.

Common Health Problems

Birman cats do not have any major breed-related health issues. They are prone to obesity, so you need to monitor their weight and also ensure oral hygiene to prevent oral illness like gingivitis. The Ragdoll cats, on the other hand, are not only prone to obesity but are also vulnerable to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and bladder stones.


Birman cat is naturally medium to large cat, and both male and female adults weigh around 10 to 12 pounds, whereas male Ragdoll cats weigh about 20 pounds and female Ragdoll cats weigh approximately 10 to 15 pounds.

Coat Colours

The coat colour of Ragdoll comes in different colours and patterns, whereas CFA recognises Birman cats coat colour as a seal, red, cream, blue, chocolate and tortie colour and the pattern points as standard and lynx.

Birman Cat 2021

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